Saturday, February 21, 2015

Perfect Match

We met Mason and his family a few years ago at the orthotics office. We usually meet the best people in waiting rooms! We stayed in touch through the eSpeciallyBen Facebook Page, and when Ben was ready for a larger tricycle, Mason was a perfect fit for Ben's old one.

Mason came over at Christmas time to try it out and since it was a cold day, we stayed inside and he rode it around our house. It was obvious that he loved the bike. He had been quiet at first, but once he was on the bike, it was hard to get him off. He made motor sounds while he was "whizzing" around the house.

I was sad to see the bike go because Ben had a lot of good times on it, but knowing that Mason will enjoy his time with the bike made it easier to say good bye.

Mason's parents sent these photos of him riding around his own neighborhood. Go Mason Go!

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