Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Doctor Doctor

When my longtime friend, Carla, strongly recommended Ben see a chiropractor during the period when he was not sleeping, I decided it would not hurt to try it.

Luckily, the mother of one of Sean's classmates is a chiropractor, and I was able to get him an appointment with Neva Doctor

At the first appointment, Ben was apprehensive but warmed to Neva quickly. By the second visit, Ben nearly jumped out of the car to get into the building. Once inside the room, he moved his foot pedals aside to get onto the table. To me, he clearly was enjoying the pressure Neva applied with her special tools. Her approach with Ben was gentle. She did not force him to do anything he did not want to do. She asked him if it was okay to massage his feet or face, and then she waited patiently to see if he responded positively.

The goals of these chiropractic visits were to help Ben with sleep and breathing. Because we have introduced so many things during the same time period (no dairy, new medicine schedule, allergy pills), it is hard to say if any one thing has made a difference in Ben's health. The fact that he is excited to be at the office and get on the table tells me that the doctor must be doing something positive for him.

Unfortunately with school and crazy schedules, it will be hard to plan consistent visits with the chiropractor. We will try to work out something so Ben does not have to wait until next summer to see her again.

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