Thursday, February 14, 2013

PT in the Pool

Ben's new physical therapist suggested we meet at our local YMCA's pool for therapy. Knowing how much Ben loves the water and how good this type of exercise is for him, I asked permission from the Y and received the "nod."

Ben sees Gale once a week and it has been an overwhelming success. Ben shows us kicking and paddling skills that can be shaped into a nice doggy paddle, a very respectable way to get around in the water (I don't know from personal experience or anything).

Ben uses the life jacket at all times and he has learned how to roll himself over to get his face out of the water. He practices walking on the stairs, monkey walks on the side of the pool and jumps in with Gale after each set. They have worked up to almost an hour of swimming, doing 4 repetitions of walking, climbing and swimming.

The best part is Logan and Sean realized they could join Ben in the pool too. Being in the pool together is great for all of them. And perhaps I am asking too much, but maybe they will all come home tired?
Not a chance!

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  1. They are adorable! I am so happy your family is a part of our Johnston YMCA's family, especially happy that Ben is swimming! Sean and Logan better keep up the practice, Ben might just be a stroke behind them!


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