Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Big League

The Miracle League held a social this week to get us ready for the games this Saturday. Ben is playing for the Braves - a fact his Dad is very happy about. Volunteers, coaches and buddies were there for us to meet. We have a team mom who is also the coach's wife, and very excited players.

Logan and Sean had the best time throwing balls and meeting the other kids. I think for them, this will be a time to play with siblings who are in the same situation - not that I am looking for group counseling, but it is a good place to talk, meet and make friends. I get to socialize quite a bit with other parents, but Ryan does not and this can be a safe place to meet other dads facing similar stresses, emotions and questions.

The new field, the tons of volunteers, the coach's letter to us - none of it got me emotional. Reading the list of information we received today letting us know of the team party and that each player will receive a trophy is what got to me. Ben being part of a team, part of something large and good and especially for him, is what brought tears to my eyes. And well, the thought of a shiny new trophy for his shelf helped too.

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