Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Seeing Eye to Eye

Ben saw the eye doctor for his annual visit last week, a change since last year when he was given a clean bill of health. His strabimus, or lazy eye, is much better now and he does not need to be seen quarterly.

The doctor did mention that when Ben looks all the way to the left or right, his eyes jump, perhaps making objects to his far right or left blurry. Combined with this information the new speech therapist gave us a week ago - Ben does much better with picture cards that are in a vertical line rather than a horizontal line. Putting these two pieces of information together help teachers and therapists working with Ben develop strategies to enhance his education.

A word of caution for those of you have not experienced the eye doctor visit when eye dilation is can be a two to three hour long visit. Bring whatever survival items you need to get through it - food, toys, DVD player and Valium for yourself in severe cases. I had Sean and Logan with me and luckily they played and watched a movie in the waiting room.

Ben appears so patient in this photo. Don't let it fool you.

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