Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Wild Wild West

Sean was too young to remember his first visit to Tweetsie Railroad. He made up for any lost memories.

They all look scared because this was the Free Fall ride. It was not that bad.

This was as bad as it looks. A lot of spinning!

Panning for Gold.

Bank robbers took over the stagecoach.

Someone offered to take the entire family...

We spent most of our time at the theme park on these horses.

And if this was not all enough, Thomas the Train was here too.

Carousel ride for Ben.

I had no idea these were the faces they were making.

Ben's driving these two lunatics around.
We took the kids to Tweetsie Railroad in Blowing Rock, NC on Sunday. It has a country western theme complete with cowboys, Indians, forts, steam train and plenty of fake horses for the kids to ride on. This may have been our 4th time going - I worried the kids may have outgrown the park, but they proved me wrong. We had a great time and lasted for a record 7 hours with their parting words being, "When do we go back?"

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