Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Lose the Training Wheels

Separately, Ryan and I have been thinking about ways to get Ben on a bike ride with the entire family. Once we realized we both had this fantasy of family bike riding, we discussed what was available for Ben - seats, attachments and carriers. The equipment we have seen are simply too small for Ben since they are made for toddlers and young kids. So when Ryan and I had a few hours on our own and happened to be near our favorite bike shop, we went in and hit the jackpot.
We were introduced to a program called, Lose the Training Wheels, soon to be called iCan Shine. This national camp-like program is specifically for children with special needs - physical and/or intellectual. With trained volunteers and parents as part of the process, they have had huge success in teaching children to ride bikes.

Ryan and I are not convinced that this will be a program for Ben, but we think they will at least have some ideas on how to find something we can pull along on one of our bikes. But who knows, perhaps they will prove us wrong. I will be researching this in the coming future.

If this is something for your child, check it out. They have programs in many states and in Canada as well. It looks like they are expanding their services to gymnastics, swimming and tumbling. I do know that the salesman at the bike shop sang their praises. He looks forward to the summer camp because of all the kids learning to ride.

** After reading this post, Sandie, a mom who writes on the ACC Blog, gave me this link: Wike Large Special Needs Trailer. I am excited to check this out. I am even more hopeful that we will be able to take family bike rides.

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