Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Power of Communication

We are in the process of selecting an augmentative communication device for Ben and a speech language therapist (one of her hats) sent us this video. I know I have been YouTube crazy lately, but this one is worth it.

And I applaud the mom for the way she handled the situation, saw the importance of what occurred and shared its powerful message with us.


  1. Wow! The power of words :)
    This would be so great for Ben and your family!!
    I look forward to seeing YOUR videos one day soon.

  2. Thanks Faith! We are in the process of trying a AlT Chat out right now. We are having fun with it, but will keep you updated on the progress. In April we are trying out the NOVA Chat 7 - it is the one I think we will like the best. Easy to program and use, portable and many programs developed and being developed for it. It is on an Android platform.


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