Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Warning: You May Laugh

The operative word in the title is "may". Only people with a certain sense of humor will find this funny, and who are not Vanessa and Steve.

Before Christmas, we received a large box in the mail addressed to "Vanessa and Steve". My husband's name is Ryan, but a simple mistake was not going to stop us from opening up a present.

Although excited to rip open the package, we slowed down to read the card. It read, "Hope you have a wonderful holiday! And good luck on that happily ever after stuff." It was signed by Ryan's long-time friend and jokester, John.

We receive packages and letters from John every so often. One year, he wrote an entire letter in Old English. Another time he sent a brochure of a building he and Ryan had renovated 20 years ago with captions about memories they had during the project.

We had no idea what to think when we unwrapped the bubble wrap and saw, a large pottery plate painted with a bride and groom and the words, "And they lived Happily ever after" and Vanessa (heart) Steve written along the rim. Then a $1 sticker caught my eye. Then I got it. 

The plate is on display in our dining room.

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