Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Three Blooms

Every year for Christmas, family friends Tom and Lutu Coffey give us a thoughtful and generous gift. When I collected pitchers to fill my kitchen shelves, they sent me beautiful ones designed by local artists. We still snuggle under the large fleece blanket they sent years ago. We looked forward to our special gift this year. We could not have prepared for this year's masterpiece.
We happened to be in town when Tom and Lutu were visiting their family in Charlotte. When they stopped by to drop off our gift, we let them know how we always appreciate their creative presents. We said this without knowing what was in the large bag they brought.

Ryan did the honors.

There were three framed photographs of orchids. Beautiful. Gorgeous.

All three photographs were of award winning plants.

The photographs were the official ones from the judged event.

Each framed piece had an official certificate attached to the back.

The first one was named for Ben.

The second was named for Logan.

The third was named for Sean.

Tom Coffey is the orchid grower and from what I understand, if you win an award for your flower, you get to name the plant. We were told that people could be growing little Ben, Logan and Sean Orchids from the seeds of their specific plant. Although, I do not have a great understanding of how it all works, I do know that this is an honor and very special gift.
Here's more information about orchids:
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