Sunday, December 11, 2011

And it begins...

Our traditions are a big part of our family life, from apple picking in the mountains to choosing a Christmas Tree from the same corner lot every year. These traditions are what the kids talk about when they look forward to the next year. This is what they will remember thirty years from now when they think back to time with our family. The people who are a part of these traditions are just as important as the tradition itself - our neighbors, friends and family join in the fun each year too.

For countless years, we have invited neighbors over to build Graham Cracker Houses. We glue the crackers with edible Royal Icing (recipe below photos). We add an assortment of candy for decoration and voila, a beautiful table decoration and an on-going snack for the passerby is created.

As the kids get older their participation and imagination have grown. This year was the best yet, with many doing most of the work on their own, leaving the adults to mingle, eat and drink.

Our family typically designs one big house, but this year we tried something different, making a village of three houses, one for each boy to decorate. This turned out to be a better idea in concept - Sean's only interest was in eating the candy and Ben did not like the invasion of people in our home. I decorated Sean's house and Ben left the premises for his "secret" hideaway at the local coffee shop.

So perhaps my idyllic view of traditions and family memories is just that, but let it be my memory and I have the photos to prove it! See our beautiful creations below:





Royal Icing Recipe

·    3 egg whites - frothy
·    1 lb confectioner's sugar - about 4 cups
·    Sift with 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar
·    Add together
·    Beat 5-10 minutes until right consistency

Cover with wet paper towel so not to dry out.

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