Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Toilet Saga Continues

Remember when I last wrote about the Rifton Blue Wave Toilet, we were waiting for a donated one from another family? Well it did arrive - almost new, really. And within a few weeks, it mysteriously broke. And Ben landed on the floor of our bathroom. I was sure he hurt something with the way he landed. Ben was clearly puzzled by the look on his face.

After the dust settled and I was sure no bones were protruding from Ben's legs, I started to panic. I rely on this toileting system and without one, life becomes more difficult. A plan of action formed in my head and the next day, I contacted Rifton and told them the story - the whole story - including that this toilet was a donation. I explained that a small piece had cracked. I was hoping to purchase the small piece that broke. Well, of course, they cannot sell me just the little piece, I have to buy the whole thing. The customer service person asked me if I wanted her to work up a price. Yes, I did want her to work up a price, a small one, if possible.

When the customer service representative at Rifton called back, it was to tell me that they were sending  a new toilet system and would pay to have the old one shipped. I was elated.

We are back in the saddle again, so to speak. And I firmly believe that when a company offers good service, we should pass it please spread the word.

Thanks Rifton!

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