Monday, August 29, 2011

Tough Decisions - Follow Up

Hmmm...If I knew such a controversial topic would get me so many comments on Facebook, here and private email, I would have made up some others before this.

Most of the feedback I received was that I should have told the camp director right when it happened. And looking back now, perhaps I should have. With the circumstances the way they were, I really think my best option would have been to ask the speech therapist to come forward with the story. He had all the information - when, where and who. And he would have done it. And it could be argued that, really, he should have done that immediately without even telling us first.

Thank you all for your comments, ideas, thoughts and suggestions. Everyone was supportive and worried for Ben. I know I learned from the experience and would approach it differently if something similar were to happen again. Although I hope your family does not have to broach a subject such as this, but if so, you will be better prepared to act because you read about it here and had time to think about your own response.

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