Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Toilet Training - 6 months later

 In September I wrote about our journey to the world of toilet training. At the point of writing the post, we were about 6 days into it. Now we are at the 6 month mark - which is cause for celebration, or at least a reason to buy some new Spidey underwear!

Ben is doing fabulous at home and at school with toilet training. He is proud of himself, we are proud of ourselves and we only see progress ahead. That's not to say there are setbacks, which are usually caused by us not being on a consistent schedule with Ben.

 Big Mack Button

In the last months, we introduced a Big Mack button to try to help Ben communicate his toileting needs to us. Before Ben sits on his potty, he pushes the button and the recording says, "I have to go to the bathroom." Ben's school has been extremely supportive with our efforts to train Ben. At Ben's IEP meeting, the school agreed to use the same button, wording and process each time he used the bathroom. It is working! On a few occasions at our house, Ben has crawled or led others to the door of the bathroom or pushed the button on his own to show his need to use the bathroom. At school, he consistently pushes the button without being prompted.

Right now, Ben wears underwear with a pull-up over. He may have 1-2 accidents a week at school and a few at home so this helps make the messes more manageable. According to the behavior therapists we consult with, wearing the underwear is essential. The child needs to feel the results of an accident, which a pull-up alone prevents.

Our reward system is two fold: Ben watches a favorite DVD while sitting on the potty, and I sing a simple song I made up a long time ago when Ben has positive results.

Other developments I have noted is that Ben has woken up in the middle of the night, dry, but obviously annoyed. I have come to the conclusion, that he needs to use the bathroom. Not sure what it all means, but I am just taking note and seeing where it leads.

This summer, I may try removing the pull-up when Ben is at camp. That is a big step. We'll have to see if I am ready.

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