Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Make for the Hills

Why the Challenge?
In my effort to turn 40 this year as a healthy, less stressed and fit woman, wife and mom, I challenged myself to run a race a month this year. I was inspired by another mom blogger who wrote about skipping her own doctor's appointments, gaining weight, eating poorly and then finally realizing that putting her own health in jeopardy was dangerous business for her entire family.

I hope to spread this inspiration to other parents who may need to challenge themselves to take better care of their health. This can translate to mean more time with friends, reading a favorite book at the coffee shop alone, taking hikes or enrolling in a cooking class. The challenge for parents is to put themselves before their families once in awhile to enjoy something without feeling guilty, anxious or regretful.

Race Update
I finished my second race, a 5K at UNC Charlotte.  It was a tough one because of the hills. I expected them, but had not trained well for them. My trainer friend says she will introduce me to hill repeats.

I technically came in 5th in my age and gender class - there were not many women in my age range running. More impressive than that (yes, I am tooting my own horn), I came in 31st in all females, out of 370 participants. And most runners were college age students.

My next race is at the end of March in Charleston, SC. The run is 6.2 miles, with three of it going over a bridge. The hill is steep and long. I have my work cut out for me.

Extra Incentive
And more important than the run is that I am going there without husband and kids - this is a girls only weekend - a reward for sticking to my healthy lifestyle and losing a few pounds and inches.

The Real Deal
As I write this, I am eating M&Ms - so if anyone has delusions about an exemplary lifestyle, you may give them up.

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