Thursday, March 18, 2010

Own Domain

I took a big step today and purchased the domain for I was playing around with settings and such and saw that my own domain could be purchased if the name was not being used. I thought I would at least see if it was available...and then see if the price was within my non-existent blog budget.

Alas, was available and it was $10 for the year to purchase - definitely within my budget. So it became a done deal within minutes.

Nothing should change - if you receive this by email, your subscription should be just fine. The old address will direct you to this new one.

Perhaps my head will get bigger, you know, owning my own domain and all. I will try to keep it in perspective...tomorrow.

Today I will bask in the glory that I own a part (albeit a very small part) of the world wide web.

Tomorrow, I will be annoyed that had I not used Google as a middle-man, I could have paid $7.49 directly to!

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