Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Special Exposure Wednesday: Lights, Camera, Friendship

The week before Christmas, we visited a small town close to where we live, that has a long history of decorating for the holidays. The entire town - businesses and homes - participate by hanging lights, putting out Santas, reindeer and playing music. It is a beautiful sight.

This year we were lucky to get a group together of teachers and their families who Ben has known since his preschool days. One family brought along Ben's former classmate. This photo shows them enjoying a bright reindeer together.

The other photos are from other sites we saw on our walk.

Special Exposure Wednesday, a part of 5 Minutes for Special Needs, is a wonderful way for families to share inspirational photos with others. Each week dozens of sites will post their photos - please check them out.


  1. The lights are amazing. What a treat that is to have something like that nearby (and to share it with friends makes it even better!).

  2. How cool that the whole town participates! How did you manage to capture the lights so well?


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