Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Special Exposure Wednesday

"An Extraordinary Pose"

This may look like a very ordinary photo, but it is not. Ben is standing at the table on his own. Ben is six years old and it has taken him years of hard work, determination and many falls to get to this point. Even we, as his parents, will eventually take this photo for granted and not remember when this was such a struggle for him. But right now, I relish in the fact that he can get up on his own and try to steal a bit of his brother's lunch!

Special Exposure Wednesday is a wonderful way for families to share inspirational photos with others. Each week dozens of sites will post their photos - please check them out.

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  1. He looks terrific! It is sad to know that we all forget the triumphs of our kids. Also as our third or fourth child sits, talks, walks, it is just another day, we tend to take these things for granted or we are too busy to just sit and observe. I always try to remind myself to just sit back and observe and watch them as I know this stage will not last forever.

    When I think of Ben, I never feel sorry for him because, to me, that puts me "above him" but I do feel such admiration for how hard he tries to accomplish everyday tasks that I may take for granted. He is a wonderful kid and you will enjoy many more accomplishments as he will never give up.


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