Saturday, January 10, 2015


Rejected is a negative word, usually associated with bad feelings. You have been turned away, turned down, turned around. In December, I received a rejection. My response was nothing short of elation.

I took my first leap and sent a query letter to a national magazine, requesting an opportunity to write an article on a specific subject. It was something I wanted to do for a long while, but was unsure of the process.

After researching and reading several articles and blog posts on this subject, I found out that there are many ways to submit articles, but national magazines expect to receive a query letter with very specific guidelines followed. They either accept or, in my case, reject the query.

For me this rejection meant I had attempted something I have thought about many times. According to my research, another umpteen queries may lead to an offer. This rejection will be the first of many, but only if I keep trying.

And my feeling of triumph was only underscored by the rejection letter had a glaring typo.

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