Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Rockin' the EOGs

Beginning in 3rd grade in NC, students take End Of Grade tests for math, reading and additional subjects in upper elementary. For Ben and other children with special needs, they take a test called the NC Extend 1. Ben was scheduled to take his over the next few days, depending on his cooperation and energy level.

Minutes ago, I received a call from Ben's teacher telling me that Ben "rocked the EOGs". She was able to get both reading and math sections completed with him. She saved the best for last: one portion of the test required Ben to read a section independently, then answer 3-4 questions. The proctor did not ever read the passage aloud. Ben answered all four questions correctly, each question had three choices. Unbelievable! We were uncertain about his reading skills, but this seems to prove that he is reading and comprehending.

Sample NC Extend 1 from 2013
NC Extend Information

Although they had the NOVA Chat ready to use for the testing, they did not have to use it. Ben responded well with the cards, making his choices with them. Another milestone for him - being able to use the cards without wanting to eat or throw them. I attribute this to the way in which NOVA Chat promotes communication, and Ben is transferring these skills to other areas.

I cannot mention EOGs without talking about Logan. He took his EOG tests for the first time this year and rather than being nervous, he was very excited for the tests. For weeks, he had been talking about making a "thinking cap" to wear during the test. I advised him that the rules probably prohibited something like that, even if it was a great idea.

On the morning of his first test, Logan was prepared.

Lucky stone from under his bed and a four leaf
clover found minutes before leaving for school.

Label reads: Brain Cell Activity Open

I say, "Whatever it takes!"

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