Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Happy Spring!

Playtime after school at the local park

Jugglers spun their pins around Ben's head, at Logan's request.
It is actually a thing - standing in between jugglers while they throw their pins back and forth past your head. Logan and Sean got the chance last weekend to participate. Immediately afterward, Logan ran over to me and asked if Ben could do it too. My first reaction was, "H*%#! No!" but then I saw how much Logan wanted Ben to experience it, and I saw a way to do it more safely. The jugglers thought I was a lunatic, but they agreed to throw the pins over Ben's head rather than to the side of him. If he stuck his hand out and hit a pin, he could get hurt. The jugglers were relieved when it was over and Logan beamed, asking Ben if he loved it. I think Ben was glad to have made his brother happy.

International Festival with dancing Chinese Dragons

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