Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Costumes for Wheelchairs

2009 TMNT, Superman, Froggy
2010 The Karate Kid Year
2011 - The Star Wars Year

The stress of coming up with costumes for Halloween stresses me out every year. As the kids get older they have more ideas and take more responsibility deciding who they want to be and how to get that certain look. Ben's costumes need to be simple -no masks, hats or anything he can take off and eat.

Before I had a chance to even think about Ben's costume, Logan came up with an idea - Professor Xavier from the X Men. Professor X is in a wheelchair and is one of the most powerful superheroes in the X Men comic book and movie series. He wears a dark suit which is easy enough to find and very Ben friendly. Logan wants to shave Ben's head to finish off the look, but that's not happening!

Many people have mentioned that there are sites for creative Halloween Costumes for wheelchairs - here is one: Halloween Costumes

If you have other sites, please send them to me. Or even better, if you have a photo of your own creative costume for wheelchairs, send that to me. I will post for others to see and copy!

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