Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hoping for a Crash

The pattern continues - Ben goes to sleep easily between 8 and 9pm, then something unexplainable happens and sleep alludes him. It usually lasts a few nights. This time it was 6 nights. These photos are from this period. After doctor prescribed pills and melatonin, he finally sleeps, but not until 11pm or so.

During his waking hours, Ben is raring to go. We try to wear him out with everything from church to shopping to parks. Nothing works. He takes our hands and leads us to the car. Ben sits in the car in hopes that we may go somewhere else. I let him sit there if only to give me a moment's peace. If someone stops by, he tries to lead us to their car. It's like he's saying, "Please, take me out. Anywhere. Just someplace."

Tonight he has finally crashed. I never thought whining and crying would be music to my ears and offer relief, but this is his sign that pure exhaustion has set in. Right now, he is curled under the covers in his bed watching good 'ole Bob the Builder. It is 7pm.

I don't know what causes this change in behavior. I know they are not Ben's fault - he is in a body without an off switch, sort of like the Energizer Bunny. Something must be going on in that brain of his - some type of activity. This is my only explanation.

It takes a lot out of us because he will not settle down, relax or even stop. Our patience wears thin. Our guilt of sitting him in his chair to get a moment's rest is high. I pray every night that this will be the night he crashes.

When he does finally come down from this crazy state, I forget it all until the next time. Must be my built-in parental coping mechanism or just old age setting in. 


  1. My own mantra I say OFTEN..maybe too often to get me through tough times with my kids or husband(lol)..
    This Too Shall Pass!!

  2. Love the saying and when I can remember it, I definitely use it. I am amazed at all the things that have passed but when I am in the middle of it all, it seems like the worst thing possible.


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