Thursday, May 3, 2012

Grants for iPads

iPads are all the rage now for kids with special needs, especially children with autism. These sites were sent to me by various sources. I have not checked them all out and cannot speak to the quality and accuracy of the information provided. I do think there are many resources out there and if you think your child is ready for and would benefit from a communication device, there is a grant or funding source available to your family. It may just take some extra work to find it.

Here are some of the sites sent to me:

  • ACT Today
  • Danny’s Wish
  • The Adam Scott Foundation Autism Grants Program
  • Apps for Children With Special Needs (A4cwsn)
  • Hollyrod Foundation
  • iHelp for Special Needs
  • The iTaalk Autism Foundation
  • The Puzzling Piece
  • Small Steps in Speech
  • The Conover Company
  • Apple iPad web site
  • Accessibility features
  • The Top Five Tips to Get a Grant to Buy a iPad (article):
  • Friendship Circle Blog
  • Parent to Parent message board
  • Facebook- Special Needs Classroom
  • Special Education MangoMon Blog
  • Autism Society

  • If you have other sites to add, please add in the comment section. If you have had success with a funding source, please share your story.

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