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Chain Reaction

Ben's PT sent this email to me. I forwarded it to our family because they like to see updates on Ben's progress. The simple forward started a chain reaction of positive energy, attitudes and reignited passions. Who knew a few words and clicks on a keyboard would be able to forward kindness and appreciation?


Ben had an AWESOME physical therapy session today! I have a   high-school student shadowing me on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons. I think  having her in front of Ben (because I am so often behind him offering cues/facilitation for proper mechanics/strengthening) added additional   motivation to excel!

 We did several sets of sit-to/from-stand without my assist during the transition (but assist for balance once in stand) on command 100%  of the time. We did 10 reps of stand to/from squat to retrieve a toy from the  floor with minimal assist to grab toy (most times he either drops it, flings   it, or sticks it in his mouth)! We had several core strengthening activities that he usually wiggles out of after 2-5 reps, but today sat through and   correctly performed two sets of 10! We did the "hokey pokey" with   floor-to-stand transitions ("Put your right foot up, put your left foot up,   push your bottom back, and stand on up")-- he did it ON COMMAND 4/5 trials.   And all that is only the beginning of his session.

This clever red-head outdid himself today. He better watch out as he set the bar high for next week. ;)

Proud (and humbled!) to serve your family,

Sue *

Here's my sister's response to the above email:

That's terrific. How great is it to know you have someone who obviously really cares about Ben's progress.  What a great email.
Thanks for sharing! Liv

Then I forwarded both emails above to the PTs supervisor/owner of the company:

Thank you for forwarding this message. Sometimes as therapists we get caught up in the paperwork and medical necessity of our "treatments". Messages like these make me realize that we are touching children and their families in so many more ways.

Jean *

Then it appears that the supervisor forwarded all the above emails to her staff:

Good Evening,

Tonight while I prepare for an important but I'll admit boring meeting tomorrow I am extremely motivated by this message. Sue*... You Rock! While we all have to endure ever changing policies and procedures, messages like this one reminds us of the positive impact we have on each child that we treat. We are doing small things with great love and that is what makes the difference to the kids we see and their families.

Thank You All for the work that you do each and every day with the little ones that are trusted into our care!

Jean *

* Names have been changed.


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