Thursday, November 3, 2011

Venturing Out, AIMing Forward

In my other life, you know the one that does not involve making lunches, fighting with light sabers, watching Bob the Builder or anything else that defines my family life, I am trained in working with college students. As a result of working with this population, I became skilled as a leadership and teambuilding facilitator for groups, helping to build teams and increase communication.

During this time, I met Tracy Moore, who did exactly what I did, but at a different university. We hit it off and started to plan teambuilding initiatives with a mission group going to Guatemala. This past January marked our 11th teambuilding retreat with this same organization.

We decided to make our arrangement formal. After much banter back and forth, we came up with the name, AIM Charlotte. AIM represents our hope for the clients we work with and, more literally, Activities with Infanzon and Moore.

Our three main programs are:

Mission Accomplished - We help church groups going on mission trips to build a cohesive and trusting team before setting out on their journey.   

Becoming Your Marriage's EXPERT
We designed a unique six-week course for couples who want to strengthen their marriage, build upon their relationship, and learn more about each other in a fun and low risk environment. Through similar dynamic activities that we use with groups, couples begin to understand their own communication styles and conflict strategies.

Campfire Series
We recognize the need to "stoke the fire", or maintain a team atmosphere with intentional group building activities. The Campfire Series may be adapted for the specific needs of any group from welcoming new colleagues, building trusting relationships or developing conflict management skills.

In addition to these programs, we plan retreats, consult on group dynamics and leadership structure, or run brainstorming sessions. AIM can also customize a program based on the group's needs.

To check us out, our website is We have a Facebook Page and we are on Linked In too. Any help getting the word out is appreciated!

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