Friday, November 11, 2011

Sleepless Beauty

It has been a tough couple of weeks - Ben, for some unknown reason, has not been sleeping. One night, he actually never slept. I mean, he never ever slept a wink. Not once. Other nights, it was not until 3 or 4am that he fell asleep. Some nights he woke at 1:30am and was up for the rest of the evening.

On some of these nights, when I was at my wits end, I gave Ben a sleeping pill or Benadryll, a dose that would normally knock out an adult, let alone a 50lb kid. Alas they did nothing for him. One night, he spent the entire eight or more hours laughing hysterically while watching Bob the Builder movies. Between his cackling and my husband's bronchial coughing, I thought I might lose all sanity.

I tried soothing music, laying down with him in my bed, his bed and on the couch. I gave sleeping meds sometimes and others not. When those ideas did not work, I turned on the TV, then thought it was too much stimulation and turned it off. I locked him in his chair, I kept him out. Nothing worked.

At school, Ben was misbehaving, biting other students and refusing to do his work. For the first time, Ben came home with the Frowny Faces circled, rather than his usual Smiley Faces.

To say frustration was becoming a part of my soul, is to put it mildly. I was beginning to fear the night because of what calamity it entailed. Worse than insomnia is forced awakeness. In my worst moments, I began to think that we would have to send Ben to a place at night that had paid staff that would be awake with him.

Finally, I made a call to the doctor for a sleep study. We have a consultation appointment in December. But of course, Ben has slept soundly the last two nights. And he's happy and rested. He came home yesterday with a constant smile on his face and a great report from school. These photos are from yesterday...I could not help myself.

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  1. These pictures are such a joy to see!! Thank you for sharing Vanessa!


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