Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unexpected Help

I took Ben grocery shopping with me to WalMart. I had this brilliant idea to have Ben in his Convaid Stroller and attach bags to the back that I would fill with groceries. Then as the bags filled, I would bring them to customer service where my cart was waiting. By my third trip to customer service, I was tired of the process. It was a long walk pushing a wheelchair, carrying jugs of milk, only to return to the same section to get more heavy items.

Just as I was ready to give up the fiasco, a WalMart staff person came over and offered to find another staff person to walk with us and push a cart to hold our groceries. Hallelujah!


  1. Glad to hear there are caring people at WalMart. I haven't had the same experience at ours. I sat in the middle of an aisle one day while Mason had a seizure. No one came near me or asked if I needed help. Didn't need help but it would have been nice for someone to ask if everything was okay.

  2. That is awesome! I have to drag my boys along with me so one can push Olivia and I can push the groceries.

  3. Thanks for the feedback. I may send this on to WalMart so they can see how a good experience can help them, and well we know what a bad experience does. Vanessa


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