Monday, October 4, 2010

Sinking Ship

Ever been asked the question:  
Who would you save if you could save one person from a sinking ship? 

Then the person gives you two impossible choices - your Mom or Dad, your brother or sister, your spouse or child (well that's not so impossible). Anyway you get the idea.

In my September 30th post, Never A Dull Moment, I talked about how our school district is making proposals for changes in schools throughout our county. Both Ben and Logan's schools could be affected - moving Logan's school program to Ben's school; therefore, displacing Ben's program. Right now, all my energy and efforts are going toward saving Logan's school. My hope is that if it is saved, then the ripple down effect will save Ben's school. But there are no guarantees.

Logan's PTA and our neighborhood is an organized community of parents, neighbors and businesses. The group will lead a coordinated fight with rallies, letters, emails and representation at community forums and public meetings. Ben's school does not have as much parent involvement or neighborhood connections. I worry that even if we save Logan's school, Ben's school will still be caught in the aftermath of changes.

I hope that if I give Logan's school a life raft, Ben's school will get a flotation device. (Just trying to continue with this metaphor I started.)

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