Thursday, September 9, 2010

Hazing the New PT

Ben is having major turnover in private physical therapists. He is still at the same agency, but the therapists are all moving. To the agency's credit, they have found qualified energetic PTs for replacements.

I always give a new therapist my talk: Ben, although super cute, is a conniving manipulative 7 year old. Don't believe anything he tries to get past you. Be firm, yet loving with him. If he rubs his eyes, he is faking tired. If he yawns, it's the real deal. And after saying this, no one believes me until they witness it themselves.

Ben pulled a fast one yesterday on a newbie PT and pretended he could do nothing. When it came time to leave, he walked one handed 15 feet, then up and down stairs to the car, and for his finale stood leaning against the car unassisted.

Luckily, the therapist was watching.

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