Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Boot Camp

Since Ben was two or three years old, we have joked about finding a Boot Camp for him. If you keep up with this blog, you will know that Ben is very good at pretending he cannot do certain things. He is tricky and successful in fooling the most seasoned professionals and parents.

When Ben was three, he napped in a pack and play, near the window, about one foot away from a table with a few items on it. Ben could not stand, walk or pull up, or so we thought.

One afternoon I walked into the room Ben was in and found the items from the table on the floor. I had not noticed them there when I put Ben down for a nap. I immediately blamed it on my husband. Who else would have carelessly left all those items on the floor? It did not cross my mind that it was anyone but Ryan.

Next day, same thing happened. The items on the table were on the floor. It was strange and unsettling. And I could not blame Ryan anymore. He had cleared his name. This went on for a few more afternoons. I checked the windows to make sure they were locked. Was someone coming through the window and rearranging my nick-knacks?

Finally, I tried peeking in the window and videotaping to see if it was Ben. And it was. The little guy was pulling up and reaching as far as he could to get the items off the table.

At seven years old, Ben is still up to his old tricks. Last week he fooled his new physical therapists - feigning low to no muscle tone. He acted like a rag doll. Then minutes later with the hope of going home, he walked out the door holding one hand with excellent posture and control.

So it got me thinking about Boot Camp again. I found this site: Ability Camp
I am researching what they offer, techniques used and expenses.

I imagine Ben in fatigues with a crew cut, Commando crawling through an obstacle course, hopefully with leaders who have seen his kind before and know how to motivate. More likely, Ben will con them with his smile and good looks and have his favorite meals brought to him while watching Bob the Builder.

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