Tuesday, August 24, 2010

To Cut or Not To Cut...

That is the question that I am currently stressing about - seem silly to you? Yeah, me too, but I still feel the need to stress about it. Early on in my blog life, I wrote "Dress for Success", a discussion about how important it is to help your child look the best she or he can.

This summer, after being nagged by a few (Ben's Dad and Ben's grandma), not that I am calling anyone out, mind you, I decided to let Ben's hair grow out. I usually keep it very short. It stays neat, no gel or combing needed in the rush of morning chaos.

Now school starts in a week and I am rethinking the whole "growing it out" - I know it is in style, but does it look more messier than "cool?" Will this look make him look odd or strange rather than fitting in with current fashion?

Tonight I asked Ben what he wanted. Funny kid, he reached out and grabbed my nose...And gave me an idea. Ben makes choices very well and he always seems to know what he wants. I am going to show him a photo of himself with short hair and one with long and go with his decision.

Okay, no more stressing.

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  1. I like the longer look, but I'm so curious what he chooses!


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