Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Special Exposure Wednesday: Visit from the Local Engine

Ben's 7th Birthday Party: Local Fire Engine Visited Our House (on purpose)

Check out other photos:


  1. Hi Vanessa,

    I met you at Trader Joe's today when I was trying to keep my son from having a meltdown while we were waiting for Mom to find an item. I misunderstood you when you told me about Ben's physical issues (I was thinking he was physically aggressive like our son Justin). Way back when, when the internet was newer and I had maybe a little more time on my hands I had a website for our family. Unfortunately, since I don't use my Roadrunner emails, I missed the email from RR telling me to migrate my website over to their new system, so it got taken down. Luckily, the Internet Wayback Machine had copied my sites, although not all our pictures.

    Here's what's left with a little blurb about Justin from several years ago:

    I wish you and your family good luck with everything. Nice chatting with you.


  2. Oh wow...what an awesome birthday present! You go mom! (And rock on fire department for doing that!)


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