Monday, February 1, 2010

12 Race Challenge - Update

I asked my good friend to put together an exercise plan for my March race over the Cooper River Bridge in Charleston. It is a 6.2 mile run with a big hill so I want to be sure I can finish and in the time I have set for myself, under 60 minutes. My friend is a former Ironman participant and a triathalon trainer for the local YMCA so she is more than qualified to put something together for me. In fact, it was with hesitation that I asked. I know that whatever she put together would be serious hard work.

Here I sit on the first day of my plan, psyching myself up for me strength exercising and 3-mile run. There's ice and snow on the ground and I must motivate to get to the gym. Yeah, there's no way I'm running outside. I am not hard core. But I will drag my sorry self to the gym...

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  1. If you are your sorry self that makes me um much worse so stop it already. You are doing awesome!


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