Friday, November 21, 2014

Alex P. Keaton

Logan awoke this morning with investing on the brain. He wanted to buy Apple stock, or perhaps Microsoft. He was unsure. This conversation, of course, was at 7:30am, in the midst of getting three kids ready for school. Not wanting to discourage a potential investor, I sent him to research investing for kids on

Logan looked up investing vocabulary and found this site, Investopedia. He started a notebook and wrote down important things he learned. He also saw his first "con": a site was asking for personal information and said that everyone was doing it. The counter on the site increased quickly, making Logan think he was missing out on something. A lesson or two later, and he was wiser about how giving information on the wrong sites could be used.

Logan's list for Santa this year may include stocks and mutual funds. Not the way I thought Christmas would go this year, but I can roll with whatever the market bears.

*If you get the Alex P. Keaton reference, kudos to you.


  1. Love the APK reference. As you might imagine he was a hero to me as a kid, lol. Love how you encourage his interest in investing. Maybe the next generation will be savers again!

  2. Thanks Dan! We have a friend who is a financial advisor. If he stays serious about this, we will set up a meeting. Logan has birthday money saved up and could invest if he chooses. At his age, I did not even know about any of this.


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