Thursday, September 19, 2013

Celebrating 4 Bl&*%ing Years!

My usual roost for writing.
Four years ago, I started this blog. I don't remember all the details now, but I do know I wrote a "note" on Facebook about toileting in August 2009 and then had a conversation with a neighbor about writing and blogging. With a lot of trepidation and a little bit of courage, I decided to try it. The title, eSpecially Ben, came to me that very evening.

Thank you to eSpeciallyBen loyal readers and followers. I love your comments, emails and likes - they keep me going. The support is phenomenal, the connections are uplifting and the writing is cathartic.  I know I am learning something in the process and hoping I pass on hard-earned knowledge to other families.

So pick up your virtual glass of your favorite beverage and clink it to the screen...Cheers!

My inspiration.

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