Thursday, September 5, 2013

Beam Me Up Scotty!

Now you tell me - doesn't it look like Captain Kirk might materialize at any moment?

Easter Seal/UCP of North Carolina and Virginia has a multi-sensory room at their Charlotte location. Ben tested it out this summer. It was $25 for the use of the room for one hour. The staff member at Easter Seals stayed with Ben and Sarah, the OT, the entire time.

Ben refused to enter the room. He went so far as to pull his straps from his chair around his arms, something he NEVER does. (In fact I was lead to believe he did not have that particular skill.) He had to be rolled into the room and eased into the situation.

Ahhh...the waterbed.

Finally, Ben found something he liked: a large waterbed. For Ben it combined sleeping and water, his two favorite pastimes. If they had a TV playing Bob the Builder, we may never have gotten him out.

Ben's OT, Sarah, helped him experience the different elements within the room. 

This is what the room looks like before entering. Everything is white and very clean. Shoes are not allowed in the room.

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