Friday, November 23, 2012

Clorox $50,000 Grant

Power a Bright Future

Logan and Sean attend a local Montessori school. The school is in the running for a grant through Clorox.

Please take a look at this and if you feel comfortable, vote for their school.

To Vote:

1. Text 2439pbf to 95248   or

2. Vote online at Power a Bright Future

You can vote once a day per device until December 19, 2012.  Vote from your phone by text, your work computer, your home computer and your ipad.  Just VOTE!

Create an innovative TV studio where students collaborate
Highland Mill Montessori, Charlotte, NC

Program Detail:
Bringing innovative technology and local artists together will help our students become 21st century learners by creating a state-of-the-art television studio. We will collaborate to implement Montessori Philosophy, Common Core, and Media/Technology curricula through planning, research, and using the technology skills needed to produce quality broadcasting, which will result in helping our students become lifelong learners. Receiving new and updated technology would make a huge difference in how student research is presented to a larger audience. Good editing equipment, cameras, iPads, and installing the appropriate technology for every classroom would give Highland Mill high-tech facilities that would bring excitement to the students, resulting in well-produced shows including vodcasts.

How this Grant will Help:
The students would work closely with the local artists, musicians and news stations, interviewing and promoting their art and/or working side-by-side with them, as they learn the writing, videography, editing skills and production needed to produce top-quality shows. This grant would make a difference not only in our school but also in our surrounding community.

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