Tuesday, July 10, 2012


From the backseat of the car, the question "Mom, what's your weakness?" was thrown at me.

My first reaction was to figure out from where this question was coming. Then I remembered the Superheroes, Comics and Star Wars books, toys and movies at our house. Each characters' weakness is key to their story.

Then I responded with, "I am not great with crisis." Of course, that answer was met with a "What's crisis?" I explained that when unexpected drama that especially included blood, guts and gore entered a situation, I needed assistance.

They asked about their Dad's weakness, and I told them that he would have to answer for himself. Rather big of me, I have to say.

The boys talked about their own weaknesses and then we discussed how important it was, in life, to understand your own weaknesses - know what you are good at and know what things you may need help with.

My brain pondered this topic all day (and still keeps going) - What are my weaknesses? Handling crisis is just one - what are my others and how do I compensate for them? Do I ask for help? Is life easier knowing my weaknesses or is it better to gloss over them, pretending they do not exist? How are my weaknesses perceived by others? Do others see the same ones I do? Do I have blindspots?

That night, Logan and Sean crawled into bed with Ryan and popped their question to him. I was sure his response would be paperwork, procrastination, directions...I had many on my list. Fourteen years of marriage provided me enough experience for a good solid list.

As usual, Ryan had the best answer. He said, "My boys." Logan shared this with me, and added with a knowing smile, "I think I understand."

Perhaps one day he will.

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