Saturday, July 28, 2012

Riding the High

When Ben is not doing well, it is an all consuming task to figure out what to do. And when things are good, everything seems brighter. For the past three weeks, Ben has been sleeping and eating well, walking with his walker and alert. "He's Back" was my second choice for a post title. Ben is back in full form - silly personality, sneak attacks and mischievous behavior. I will take it all - over the drugged out boy of a few months ago.

The cause for these changes - medication. We have made just a few adjustments and they are working. In the meantime, we did have Ben's blood sent to a lab for genetic testing. Supposedly, it could tell us more about his seizure disorder and help in choosing the best medications for Ben.

Right now, we will ride the high; enjoy a fun and wild summer, taking the boys swimming and hiking, going on road trips and playing disc golf. I take it all week by week, appreciate these easy times and keep my eye on the red head - because he is a tricky one!

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