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How These Friends Met

Hello, my name is Kynna Burney.

I met Ben my 7th grade year of middle school in gym class where we were able to pick our peer buddies for the year. 

In the gym class we were picking our buddies. Everyone was going for Ben but Ben wasn’t going for them. Finally, when it was my turn, I went for Ben and he immediately lightened up and was extremely happy. He is nonverbal, so he started getting loud, almost like a scream, and flapping those hands letting them know he wanted me. It was like we were meant to be. 

Everyone was surprised as to why all of a sudden he was so happy to be with me because when I tell you he had a mean face on the whole time (LOL) but as soon as I started towards him that frown turned upside down.

It was like he had me already picked from the time he saw us lining up. He was just waiting for me to come over. From that day, I continued to visit him in school and go on field trips with him. Our bond just kept getting stronger by the minute and even once we left middle school we went to the same high school and I continued to visit him and go on field trips. 

I even got in contact with his Mom and started going over to their house and doing day trips with the family which no one had ever done before. His mom was very surprised but I knew I would be leaving for college soon so I needed a way to continue to see him and have him in my life.  

My family met Ben's family and we immediately connected. I have known Ben and the family for eight years now. I am in my second year of college at North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro N.C. where I am studying Biology. I plan to become a Mental/Developmental Pediatrician/Neurologist Researcher. 

With me being far away from him, I make sure to check in with Ben and the family and I visit them when I am in town. In my college dorm room, I have pictures of him hanging up! This story is better told in person because you had to be there to see the emotion and understand!


  1. Sweet story and very happy the two of you connected and have stayed connected. "Unconditional love when found should continue to be nurtured."

    1. Kynna has done a great job of making sure she gets updated on Ben. She’s a busy woman but still makes time to see Ben on breaks.

  2. SO PRECIOUS! A beautiful friendship.

    1. Yes, Kynna and her family have been a blessing. I’ve heard Kynna tell the story about how they met but not in this much detail. I didn’t realize how strongly Ben felt about choosing Kynna. She will be a lifelong friend to Ben.


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