Monday, March 14, 2016

Friday Night at the Rink

Our family's latest escapades are listed on the Charlotte Parent's website - Friday Nights are Family Nights at the Rink

You may not live in Charlotte and near this particular roller skating rink, but think about what activity can be adapted to fit for your entire family that is located in your hometown.  And remember, you never know the answer until you ask if your child can particiapte in a modified way. 

Write in the comments places you and your family go to have fun together.

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  1. Vanessa, At swimming yesterday, My blue jacket was hanging out of my swim bag. Ben leaned over and reached for my jacket. He picked up the jacket and I let him feel the fleece, then he let go. He did not try to throw or bite my jacket. Then he reached over and picked up his blud jacket on the bleachers and showed it to me ... I took it as "Look, I have a blue jacket just like you Gale" ... or as a teenager, Maybe it was..."Oh I thought you were taking my blue jacket Gale" Anyway, he sure is taking note of a lot of things!


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