Thursday, September 11, 2014

Ben's Own Parkour

When asked to hold onto the
monkey bars, Ben chose to hold
onto Joey tightly.
For the past several years Ben has had therapy everyday after school. This meant he missed out on park time with his brothers. If therapy was cancelled, we rejoiced because Ben could join us. This year, I rethought therapy time and managed to have therapists come later in the day or meet us on the playground.

His new occupational therapist, Maggie, has met us at the park on a few occasions. Ben pet a dog, swung on the swings, ate a snack, rode his tricycle, played with bubbles and tried holding onto the monkey bars. He used his NOVA Chat to make choices about what activities he wanted to do.

This has been a great way to reenergize therapy, involve other kids and help Ben strengthen his skills.

You ask, What is Parkour?

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