Saturday, December 22, 2012

Annual Graham Cracker House Party

Log Cabin: The pretzels were part of our healthy snacks, but this kid had  better plans for them!

Her parents are in the construction business.

For as long as I can remember we have hosted a Graham Cracker House Party for our friends and neighbors. This year we had 14 kids (and their parents) participate. Everyone helps with supplies, setup, building, decorating and cleanup. This year, we had Mimosas for the parents - a great addition that I highly recommend.

Expect some chaos.

If you want to host an event like this, the list of candy, supplies and the instructions to give each parent are below. My nephew's birthday is in December and my sister hosted a birthday party for 13 boys, and they each made their own house. My sister recommends getting two mixers and have the Royal Icing II dry ingredients measured ahead of time. I did this, and it cut down on time because once the kids start building and decorating, they need a lot of the "glue" quickly.

We also offer healthy snack for the kids to munch on in between the snatches of candy they consume.

Build Your Own Graham Cracker House

Everyone bring:

  • Approx a 12” x 12” cardboard or baking pan covered tightly in tin foil. This will serve as the platform for the house. If you use a baking pan, make sure it is not one you will need soon.
  • A cardboard foundation for the house such as individual juice boxes (taped together), box from snacks, cut off the bottom of a ½ gallon OJ or milk carton. This will determine the size of your house. I recommend small. 
  • One box of honey graham crackers – any brand. 
  • Tape the foundation firmly to the cardboard.

Supplies Needed (Each child is assigned 2 items to bring and share with the group):

  • Mini marshmallows 
  • Tootsie Rolls (small type)
  • Green leaf candy
  • Gum drops, assorted colors
  • Red & White Peppermint candies
  • Mini candy canes
  • M&M’s
  • Twizzlers
  • Skittles
  • Chewing gum – Big Red – several packs
  • Neccos 
  • Meringue Powder 
  • Confectioner's sugar
  • Ziplock bags - add icing to bag and kids use this as a pastry bag after clipping a small corner of the bag 

Royal Icing Recipe I
3 egg whites - frothy
4 cups confectioner's sugar 
Sift with 1/2 teaspoon cream of tartar

Add together and Beat 5-10 minutes until right consistency
Keep covered with wet paper towel so it does not dry out.

Royal Icing II - This is a new (for me) recipe. We used it this year and liked that we did not have to deal with the eggs.

3T            meringue powder
4 cups      confectioner’s sugar
6T            water - we added more to get a smoother consistency

Add together and Beat 5-10 minutes until right consistency
Keep covered with wet paper towel so it does not dry out.

Logan and Sean's final products.

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