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Special Exposure Wednesday: Grandma Love

An Unexpected Addiction

A few weeks ago, Ben was brought home from camp without his Convaid stroller. I panicked. I kept myself together for the sake of the community worker, but I was beside myself. I mean I really came close to an anxiety attack. I called Ryan to tell him of the dilemma and he too had angry words about the situation. Our biggest fear was that Ben would not go to sleep at night and we would have nowhere to secure him. His sleep schedule has been crazy - up until after midnight wanting to roam the house, getting into things he need not get into. Our sleep and Ben's safety were our two main concerns. I realized, fairly quickly, that my anxiety was something to examine. I saw that we had become dependent on strapping Ben into his chair when he would not go to sleep. Perhaps this "no-chair" night would help us develop new strategies for bedtime. We made it through that night, and we have since consulted with the neurologist. Time release melatonin for Ben is working some

Magic Marker Monday: Paper Puppets

Ben's 8th birthday was celebrated with his cousins, friends and grandparents at his favorite hangout - Smelly Cat , our local coffeehouse. The kids were able to make cats or kitten puppets with various art supplies and paperbags. Ben got to eat his cupcakes and drink lots of chocolate milk - everyone was happy and content...for awhile! Magic Marker Monday is part of 5 Minutes for Special Needs . Drop by on Mondays to see what crafty things kids are creating.