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Summer Fun: Frank Melville Memorial Park

Grandpa and Logan after finding the Bamboo Forest. My father somehow promised to take Logan to a Bamboo Forest on Long Island last year. They talked about it a lot, and it was built up so much over months of planning that I was worried that Logan would be disappointed. No such thing - it was truly a forest with trails for the kids to explore. I had been to Frank Melville Memorial Park many times as a teenager and adult, but did not remember all it had to offer. Check out one woman's Photo Essay for the Frank Melville Memorial Park . If you live close by you will want to visit. We did see a bunny and a very large turtle (3-4 feet in length, including tail) swimming in Mill Pond.

Summer Fun: Landsford Canal State Park

At the beginning of June, we visited Landsford Canal State Park  in South Carolina, a park Ryan found a few years ago while trying to find a new place for a day trip. The park has become one of our favorites because it has an easy path for Ben's wheelchair, playground, picnic tables and is 'home to the largest population of the Rocky Shoals spider lilies in the world.'  We also happened to see a red-bellied water snake, box turtle, blue heron and Bald Eagle's nest. In May and early June, you can see these beautiful flowers blooming. My photos do not do anything justice - if you leave nearby, plan for a visit next year. There are special tours if you sign up in time. I think Ryan has setup an email reminder for us so we get to the park earlier this year.