Thursday, September 2, 2010

Don't Forget the Bus Drivers!

If school has not already started for your kids, then your day is coming soon. The lists from the teachers and requests from PTA asking for all types of school and classroom supplies is coming, if not already purchased and sent off to school.

I realized last spring that the school buses are ill equipped for spills or other mishaps on the bus after the bus attendant asked for cleaning supplies while dropping Ben off at home. A child had been sick on the bus. Unfortunately, the bus drivers do not have a way to communicate needs they may have for their buses, and some school districts do not provide certain supplies.

If you get the chance and have the means, ask the bus driver what supplies they may need. Paper towels, tissues and cleaning products come to mind for me. Next week, I will give the morning and afternoon drivers a small package with these "goodies" inside.

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